Wednesday 14 September 2016

City centre, Bruges







Leicester fans in full song before Euro Champions League game against Bruges











It's been 11 years since Club Bruges last took part in a Champions League game. For Leicester it's the first time in their history. Both teams ended last season as champions in their respective country. For Leicester it was a fairy tale come through.







Most of the foxes fans took refuge on the Eiermarkt, a square full of bars, where Belgian beer was well savoured.



















Closeby, on the Market Square, some are acting and dressed to the occasion.









































A lantarn serves as an ideal object to aim scarves at. Those who fail to get the scarf up there, are kindly urged to take off one piece of cloth for every try.




The winner is celebrated as a true goal scorer.























At 6.15 p.m. the fans set off for their march to the stadion.











From the Main Market they head for 't Zand via the main shopping street Steenstraat.






















































Geschiedenis van de Argentijnse tango


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Schrijf je iets in het gastenboek?